UK Residents:
AMGL can deal with your PAYE and National Insurance contributions. As a contractor you are classed as the employee of AMGL, but you are able to gain professional independence with all the benefits of being an employee.
As a contractor you will not be employed by the recruitment agency or end client.  They want the comfort of the knowledge that your taxes are being correctly accounted for so there is no retrospective demand made against themselves. This is where AMGL comes in and will engage with the recruiter or end client under a business-to-business contract. AMGL is well established in the industry and has been approved by many businesses as a Payroll Company they to deal with.

If you are a self-employed seafarer then normally you will not be able to claim the Seafarers Earnings Deduction.
But if you are employed through AMGL as an employee you will have employment status which will enable you to fulfil the HMRC requirements and make a claim for a tax refund through the HMRC’s SED application form
Advantages of using AMGL:
  1. You pay a daily fee to AMGL, so you only pay for the days you work.
  2. AMGL will ensure the taxes are paid over to the relevant tax authorities and will provide a payslip for each payment made as your record of taxes deducted and paid over to the HMRC or international tax authority where applicable.
  3. Your entire salary is taxed via PAYE
  4. IR35 is irrelevant, as you are already taxed as an employee.
  5. Very little admin, it is all taken care for you.
  6. No legal duties.
  7. Instant set-up
  8. You have employment status
  9. Good for short-term contracts
  10. You will have a MLC approved Seafarers employment agreement
  11. There is no VAT as AMGL is a Guernsey registered company
  12. Insurance cover is typically included in umbrella fee
  13. AMGL deducts taxes before you are paid
  14. AMGL will submit and invoice for expenses
  15. You only need to keep your own personal bank account.
  16. No need to complete a tax return unless you have other income in addition to your AMGL earnings.( In which case you will have to declare all your earnings and inform the HMRC of taxes already paid through AMGL via your tax return)
  17. AMGL can Invoice multiple clients for separate contracts as required.
Additional Terms and conditions:
  1. Covid: Please note that during any Pandemic or epidemic, AMGL cannot be held responsible for any claims or payments. This should be agreed with your Recruitment agency or end client before taking on any contract. AMGL is a payroll provider and will not be held responsible for employment , expenses or sickness costs that may arise. These terms must be agreed with your agency before embarking on any contract.
  2. Brexit: Working in EU and Norway waters
  3. All UK Contractors must be responsible for arranging their own VISA (or Via their recruitment agencies) which maybe relevant for work in any EU country from 1st January 2021. You will also need to be aware that competency certificate will need updating when they expire to conform to EU requirements should this apply to your role and location of work. It will not be the responsibility of AMGL and they will not bare any cost relating to VISA or certificates and/ or any cost associated with no compliance of these requirements.
How it works:

1. Once you have procured a contract, Register with AMGL by completing the joiner form
2.  AMGL then issues an electronic MLC compliant SEA (Seafarers Employment Agreement) which can be signed on any smartphone or laptop. A business agreement will be made with the Agency and AMGL. ( Please ensure your Agency comply with MLC terms before this is issued)
3. You submit your approved timesheets and expense claim forms directly to AMGL with copies of receipts for expenses.
4. AMGL invoices the client/recruitment company
5. Once AMGL receives payment of the invoices you will be run through the next week's payroll run and your net pay will be deposited into a bank account of your choice.
6. AMGL can facilitate multi-currency payments.
7. Each time you are paid, you will be provided with an electronic payslip which is accessible anytime.  It can be viewed or printed off at any time for your own personal records.
8. P45s and P60s are issued as per contract and per statutory requirements.

Whats included in the fees:

  1. Invoicing, payroll, and payment process.
  2. Public and Employers Liability Insurance.
  3. MLC approved SEA (employment contract) for each contract.


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